Christmas Memories Begin in The Kitchen

The holidays are here, and chances are, you’ve seen the stores putting out all the baking needs. Festive sprinkles, colored frostings, chocolate chips, and candies galore adorn the entryway displays, and people are stocking up for Christmas baking.

We have a question for you though; How often, when pulling out those ingredients each year, have you heard the words “Can I help?” asked excitedly by your children? It’s no secret that the kitchen tends to draw little ones (and even older ones!) in, but it’s also well-known that baking with kids can be messy and take a good deal longer than it would if you were just left to your own devices. After all…isn’t it quieter and cleaner to work on your own while the kids watch a favorite Christmas movie?

Maybe. Well…probably.

However, this year, we encourage you to bring your kids into the kitchen! Why? Well, here are some reasons experts say baking together can be beneficial for you and your kids this holiday season (even if the ingredients aren’t necessarily on the healthy side)…

Family Bonding. Cooking and baking together gives you a common goal to work toward, and then everyone can enjoy taking pride in the results! Instead of everyone being engrossed in phones, tablets, video games, or the television, you’re all engaged together. Some great conversations can take place around the kitchen island!

Hands-On Learning. Cooking offers practical application of math skills through measuring, weighing, following directions (recipe reading) and even reading temperatures! It’s a great way for young students to continue what they’ve learned in the classroom over holiday breaks. For older kids, it helps give hands-on practice with life skills. You won’t always be there with them to make the Christmas cookies or Grandma’s famous cake!

Passing down traditions. Speaking of Grandma’s famous cake, many families have recipes that have been made during certain holidays for generations. Letting your children participate in creating these recipes, and allowing them to see slips of paper in loved ones’ handwriting or recipes clipped from old magazines, , you are passing down a love of, and appreciation for, family history without even realizing it. Tradition is often passed through the family line on a plate!

Time to talk. How often are your children attempting to talk to you, or you to them, with a phone, work project, or household task taking part of your attention? Being in the kitchen offers an opportunity to shut out the world around you and just focus on spending time around the mixing bowl with your family.

Share the gift of giving! Baked goods are a great way to show someone you care! Teach your children about the joy that can come from working hard to make something for someone else. It’s a wonderful way to incorporate a lesson in what Christmas is supposed to be about.

We hope this year you’ll consider making family time in the kitchen a new tradition of your own if it isn’t already. Don’t consider yourself a “chef extraordinaire”? Don’t worry! Your kids won’t care if it’s a from-scratch recipe, or a box of cookie mix and some pre-made frosting. The memories made together go FAR beyond the results that come out of the oven. As a family owned and operated business, Carroll Marshall Insurance believes in the importance of spending time with the ones you love. We encourage you to use this Christmas season to make memories and find ways to spread joy to those around you.

From our family to yours, Merry Christmas!

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