Make Working from Home Work for You: Creating An In-Home Office Space

apple-1853259_640Are you still working from home due to COVID concerns? One major change we’ve seen in society since the beginning of this pandemic is the shift in employer mentality regarding remote workers and what they can do for business. More and more business owners are realizing that many, if not all, of their employees and staff can efficiently perform their job responsibilities from home, without the overhead of renting office space, paying for utilities and office supplies, etc. If you’re one of these employees, working from home probably seemed grand for the first few weeks.

Until, that is…is wasn’t.

If you weren’t prepared for, or accustomed to, working from home, it’s a big change, and it isn’t always easy. Many people don’t have a home office set up. If you have children, your work days might be more than a little chaotic as you balance conference calls, reports, and dealing with clients while shielding your computer from PB&J sandwiches and a game of football toss. Even if you don’t have kids at home during the work day, simply not having a space to designate for work can be draining. You feel like work never actually ends, as your kitchen table is now your desk and workspace as well.

While not everyone can designate an entire room to be an office, there are ways you can make an in-home workspace possible without spending a fortune on materials or furniture. Where should you start?

  • Spare rooms. Do you have a guest room that is currently empty? What about a walk-in closet that doesn’t get much use? Look for any spare areas in your home that could be “loaned out” as an office for you. Small, modular desk systems are easy to customize for small spaces, so you could fit a corner workspace into that guest room, or turn that closet into your own office hideout. Thinking creatively is the best way to start.
  • Getting creative with furniture. If you don’t have a spare room, putting a new spin on pieces of furniture is another great option. Look for a hutch or writing desk system that closes up. Placing something like this in a dining room, kitchen area, or even bedroom allows you a place to store work computers, materials, and more, but doesn’t leave it strewn about at the end of the day. You can closet the doors or lid, and visually “end” your work day.
  • Check on your timing. If balancing kids and work is a struggle with your limited space. consider your schedule. Is there a way you could pack in more work hours early in the morning before your kids are awake and rolling? Could you create a designated “quiet” time that serves as a power hour for your job? Coming together as a family and working as a team where everyone is heard is the best way to make working from home go more smoothly.

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