Love It? Insure It!

Insurance seems to be one of the “routine” parts of adulthood that many of us take for granted, but with love on the minds of many people throughout the month of February, we think this is a great time to remind you of the value of quality coverage from solid providers. Without insurance, many of the things you care about, including your family, could be at risk of huge financial losses if something unexpected came your way. Accidents, health crises, job loss, vandalism, theft, fire, natural disasters, and even death can leave a household in ruins (literally AND figuratively) if you aren’t prepared.

We encourage you to insure the things you care about most if you haven’t already. How?

Well, for your family, consider re-evaluating your current life insurance policies. Not only do you need to be covered, but your spouse and, if applicable, your children do as well. Life insurance policies cover outstanding debts, end of life and burial expenses, and other costs related to losing a loved one. In the case of your spouse, it can help compensate for the salary they brought in, to assist in childcare and other household needs as you get back on your feet and walk through the grieving process. In addition to life coverage, having quality health insurance is a must. Finding a policy with a manageable premium and low deductible is best. We can help you navigate the various plans on the market and come up with the best solution for your unique circumstances.

For your home and vehicles, bundling coverage options is often a great way to save money and still get the protection you need. For the lowest possible premiums, practice safe driving, invest in upgrades to your home (like alarm systems, pool fencing, and energy efficient appliances!) and make sure you update your coverage annually to reflect changes. As children come on / off the policies, we’re here to help you reevaluate and adjust as needed.

Finally, for individual items in your home, including jewelry, heirloom pieces, antique furniture, and even art, rider policies are the way to go! By individually insuring these items, you know they’re protected beyond your standard homeowners coverage, and you can relax, knowing that you’ll be fairly compensated if one of them is destroyed or lost. Oftentimes we can help you bundle these types of policies as well, to save even more on your monthly premium costs.

This month, let Carroll Marshall Insurance help you show your love through planning ahead. Quality insurance is the ultimate love letter to the ones you care about most. Let’s write it together! Call for your consultation! We’re proud to serve the greater Winter Haven community with the very best in customer service and personalized care.

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