Love It? Insure It!

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Insurance seems to be one of the “routine” parts of adulthood that many of us take for granted, but with love on the minds of many people throughout the month of February, we think this is a great time to remind you of the value of quality coverage from solid providers. Without insurance, many of […]

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Fun in Florida: Tips for Enjoying Your Memorial Day in The Sunshine State


Memorial Day weekend is coming up fast, and that means it’s time for some fun in the sun! Whether you’re new to the area, a longtime resident planning a staycation, or simply visiting the Sunshine State to soak up some rays, Florida is a hot destination (literally!) for people to enjoy their holiday weekend. It’s […]

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Vacation 2020: Making the Most Out of A Hard Year


Vacations, even on a good year, can be hard. But in 2020, summer vacations have taken a back burner for many families, and it’s no surprise. Many people don’t have the luxury of long stretches of time away from their jobs right now, and what’s more, many are working on a limited budget that prevents […]

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Getting Back to the Great Outdoors: Camping As A Vacation (and How to Prepare Your Car)

With COVID affecting travel plans for people around the world, many of us here in Florida are seriously considering camping as a great backup alternative for vacationing this year. After all, camping is a wonderful way to enjoy the great outdoors, unplug, and bond with family and friends. However, it can hold its own unique […]

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Take to the Skies: Tips When You Hit the Air for Spring Break 2020

As we prepare to leave February behind and head into March, all of us have spring on the brain. Here in Polk County, Spring Break is coming up in just a matter of weeks, and if you’re hitting the skies for a trip with your family, it’s important to remember that traveling by air can be stressful if you […]

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Make Your List, Check It Twice: Preparing for Holiday Travels

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and for many people, that means finalizing vacation plans and preparing for long trips to see family, whether by air, car, or even RV. Vacations can be incredibly fun and relaxing, but they can quickly turn sour if you are faced with an unexpected issue like word that your […]

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Tips Before You Travel: 3 Holiday Pointers for Homeowners

Christmas is only two weeks away, and while many of us are preparing our homes for family and friends to come celebrate the holiday, others are preparing for travel. Whether meticulously packing suitcases with gifts for air travel, or loading the car for a road trip across the state (or across the country), Christmas is […]

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Spring Break Staycation: Why Winter Haven Is The Best

Spring break for local Polk County schools is just around the corner, and while the rest of the southeast is still dealing with typical (cold) weather, Florida’s warm sunshine and perfectly breezy temperatures are the perfect backdrop for all of your vacation plans while you’re off of school and/or work. While some people choose to […]

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Summer Dreaming: Planning for Your Vacation Travels

During this last week of school before summer vacation, it can be easy to start daydreaming of your travel plans, lazy days by the pool, or relaxing on a warm beach.  Here in Polk County, parents are counting down the days until their kids say goodbye to their teachers (and the teachers are counting down […]

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What You Need to Know About Hitting The Road With Your Pet in Tow

Now that Spring has arrived here in Central Florida, people are using the time to travel, and often, that means their pets will be hitting the highway right along with them!  Your pet can be a wonderful traveling companion, and can offer company during the long hours spend behind the wheel.  However, did you know […]

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