For Rent: The Importance of Insurance Policies When Renting or Leasing

Chances are as an adult, you have rented, or leased, something at least once in your life. From your first college apartment to a home appliance, if you’ve rented, you know you always have the option to “insure” the item in question. While many of the insurance policies offered by rental companies are gimmicky and […]

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Warm Weather is Water Weather: What You Need to Know About Florida Water Safety

The temps here in Florida are warming up, and summer is just around the corner. Pool bags are coming out of hiding, and beach umbrellas are being shaken off and readied for a season of frequent usage. While preparation of necessary items for your time in and around water is important, preparation for water safety […]

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Are You Ready for Spring Break? Protect Yourself (And Your Belongings) with The Right Coverage

Spring break is quickly approaching here in Polk County, and local kids (and adults) are ready for vacations, time away from school and the daily grind, and a period of resting and recharging before the rush of finishing out the 2018 spring semester begins. However, there is an important component of traveling, whether just down the street […]

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