Common Insurance Questions During the COVID-19 Pandemic

question-mark-3585355_640The Coronavirus outbreak has left its mark across many industries worldwide, and the insurance industry is no exception. From auto coverage to health plans, insurance companies have had to re-evaluate policies, determine what is/isn’t covered based on current circumstances, and, in some cases, offer refunds for services not used. As your local insurance professionals, the team here at Carroll Marshall has heard plenty of questions from consumers just like you, and we wanted to face some of them here, offering clarity and insight before you take time hunting down answers elsewhere.
I’m not even driving my car. Can I just drop my policy? 
While we understand the idea behind this question, we have to answer with a resounding “NO!” when we hear it asked by our clients. Driving isn’t the only time you use your vehicle’s insurance policy. Damage caused by theft, reckless drivers, or even severe weather can happen while parked in your own driveway, and if you have dropped your policy, you could end up holding the bill. Financially speaking, many auto insurance providers are recognizing the hardships of their customers, and the suddenly low risks due to the pandemic, and are issuing refunds or rewards. If you have questions about your own auto policy, we’re happy to answer them!
I already purchased a healthcare plan for my college student on campus. Can I get a refund? 
This is an insurance question we can’t give a definite answer to, but based on knowledge and experience, we imagine you’d be able to get some kind of refund or prorated option if you contact the school in question. With many colleges opting for online learning only for the first part of the semester, this is a common question among parents, and for good reason! You don’t want to pay for something you won’t have any chance of using. If you have questions about details listed in the policy you purchased for your child, we are happy to take a look at work through unfamiliar terminology and wording with you.
My health insurance doesn’t usually cover lab work. What about COVID testing? 
This question is increasingly pressing, as many people are requiring not one, but multiple, COVID tests to prove they are well before continuing forward in their jobs, attending events, etc. You don’t want to end up with expensive bills from each test you are required to take. Fortunately, many plans, even those that typically refuse to cover lab work, are making exceptions with COVID testing and related lab work and care plans. We can help you take a look at your own individual policy, and get in contact with the people who can give you a straightforward answer about what is/isn’t covered in your plan when dealing with Coronavirus.
My travel plans have been delayed multiple times. Can I just cancel without paying penalty fees? 
Again, because of COVID, many providers that previously wouldn’t let you out of your planned trip without penalities are making exceptions. While there is no single answer about this topic, we can help you look at the details of your travel insurance policy if you purchased one, and determine what kind of cancellations or delays they cover. Then, we can put you in contact with the right people to work through any refunds or rescheduling required.
These are uncertain times for all of us, and we want our clients to rest assured that we are here to help you navigate insurance questions and concerns throughout the months ahead. Give us a call and speak with any of our highly qualified and experienced insurance advisors to find the answers you’re looking for. We look forward to helping you!

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