Dreading The Dorms? These 4 Tips Make It Easier to Adjust!

As the Class of 2022 prepares to head into their first semester of college, for many of them this will come with moving out of their childhood home and into the dormitories at their chosen university. While dorm life is a big part of the college experience, it doesn’t come easy for every student. Many young adults feel apprehensive as they approach this season, and are unsure of how they’ll handle sharing their living space with so many new people.
The team here at Carroll Marshall remembers our own days of college living, and we pulled a few of our favorite tips to help you as you adjust to this season. As you face move-in day, remember:
  • EVERYone is nervous. Every freshman has at least a few moments of anxiety on move-in day, so you’re not alone! Instead of holing up in your room once your bed is made and your bags are unpacked, leave your door open and be a friendly face to others! You likely already met your roommate, but there will be plenty of other people living in your hall, and by leaving your door open you get to know their faces faster. You might even meet some of your closest friends this way!
  • You don’t always have to stick to the meal plan. Yes, most students opt for the school-provided meal plan, meaning many meals are eaten in the cafeteria or school-approved cafes and snack shops on campus. While this is the most cost-effective choice, it’s understood that you might not be feeling salmon on a Tuesday night, and you’re homesick for your mom’s macaroni and cheese. On these nights, give yourself a little break and pick up a favorite food from a nearby eatery, or grab a few friends and head to dinner together off campus to beat the blues. While it’s not budget-friendly to do this often, every now and then it’s ok to give yourself an emotional boost with a favorite meal.
  • Be prepared for tight spaces! Living in a dorm is not exactly…spacious. Prepare for life in a small space, and bring storage solutions that make it easier to function. Plastic storage totes that are stackable (great for in the closet!), under-the-bed storage, and hanging organizers are great ways to keep your stuff tidy without taking up extra floor space. Don’t forget organizers that can fit on the side of your mattress, and lightweight shelving options, which make holding onto things like your phone, chargers, books, snacks, and other random, small items less of a hassle.
  • Get to know your RA! Your resident advisor is a great resource for you as a new student. Not only are they who you contact if you have an emergency or an issue with your room, but they’re also a great way to meet other students, and get connected within your dorm or even around campus. Make sure you look for them on your first day!
Good luck to all of our local students as they head off to their various schools this Fall! Whether you’re staying here in Florida, or crossing state lines to attend university, we wish you all the best. If and when you come back home to Winter Haven, know we’re ready to help you begin your own insurance portfolio, and make sure you have the coverage you need as you start out in life. When you need local, trusted coverage, call Carroll Marshall!

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