Patriot Day Should Be EVERY Day!

September 11th is now commemorated as Patriot Day here in the US, and it’s a reflective time for us to remember the lives lost in 2001, the brave men and women who served in rescue efforts, and the impact that day continues to have on our entire country. While the day itself is a commemoration of an important event, it’s not the only day we should focus on patriotism and our gratitude for the spirit of America that binds us all together just like it did 21 years ago.

We believe patriotism can be shown in even the smallest of ways, and is something we should all strive to carry on in our everyday activities. A few of our favorite ideas include:

  • Writing a card to a veteran. Our veterans have sacrificed much to protect and serve our country, and many of them come back with both physical and emotional scars after serving overseas. For those who end up hospitalized and/or in rehabilitation facilities, the days can feel lonely and long. There are many programs that facilitate cards being sent to these veterans from fellow citizens who simply want to let them know how much they are appreciated. This is a great way to involve your kids and make patriotism a family affair. Make homemade cards, or pick up a handful of inexpensive encouragement notes when you’re at the store. A small gesture on your part could mean the world to a veteran who has come home.
  • Volunteer for holiday events. Many communities celebrate major US holidays (Independence Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day, etc.) with parades and/or local events. These are largely volunteer based, and are a great opportunity for you to put your patriotism into practice, and meet people in your own neighborhood at the same time!
  • Pass it down. Patriotism must be passed down, and if we aren’t bringing up our next generation to appreciate our country and the values it stands on, we can’t expect them to value it as adults. Have conversations with your children about what it means to be patriotic, and how kindness, brotherhood, selflessness, hard work, and honesty are just a few of the values America is supposed to stand for. By putting those values into practice on their own, they are carrying on patriotism and spreading it to others as well.

Carroll Marshall InsuranceĀ is proud to be a business that calls America home. We are thankful for those who serve, and who have served, our country and for all who live and work to keep it running each day. We hope you’ll join us in remembering how much we love America not just on the 4th of July or September 11th, but all year long.

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