What You Need to Know About Hitting The Road With Your Pet in Tow

adorable-1850465_640Now that Spring has arrived here in Central Florida, people are using the time to travel, and often, that means their pets will be hitting the highway right along with them!  Your pet can be a wonderful traveling companion, and can offer company during the long hours spend behind the wheel.  However, did you know that your vehicle can also pose some serious risks to your furry friend?  Here’s how to protect your beloved pal when you head off on your next adventure:

  • Watch out for doors!  Dogs especially are prone to suffering broken bones when they are accidentally caught in a door being slammed.  Avoid this risk by keeping your pet secured until you are ready to get him/her out, and double check before closing any door of your vehicle.
  • Clean out your car before you leave.  Old food scraps, paper products, cleaning wipes, etc. could be hiding out in your floorboards and under your seats, and if your pup (or kitty) finds one and takes a taste, it could end up making them terribly ill.  Give your car a good cleaning before you leave to make sure all debris is cleared out of the reach of your pet.  Not only will it keep your pet safe, but a cleaner car makes for a much more enjoyable trip!
  • Secure your pet.  Whether you choose to purchase a specific seatbelt attachment meant for pets, or use a crate system, keeping your pet secured when you are riding is of utmost importance.  Not only does it protect them in the case of an accident, but it also protects you, as well as any other passengers in the car.  A pet can become deadly if it hits you with the force put out during a collision.  Keep your pet secured whenever the car is in motion.
  • Make a packing checklist, and check it twice!  Make sure you have plenty of food and water for your pet, based upon how long your road trip trip will be.  Be sure to include a dish for serving water while on the road, and consider adding some extra stops into your trip for your pet to burn off energy, take a potty break, and perhaps eat a little snack.

We hope these ideas will better prepare you for your next fun time on the road with your pet!  The best way to enjoy your trip?  Make sure you’re covered, no matter what comes your way.  Having adequate car insurance, and pet insurance, means you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that you can head into the sunset without the worry of the unknown.  Give us a call or stop by our Winter Haven office for information on the policies we offer.  We can customize a plan that fits your needs and your budget, so come by and let us help you!

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