Santa’s After-Christmas Sanitizing Tips

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Did Santa bring more than presents to your home this season? If a cold or flu made its way down the chimney (or through your front door), your holiday might have been a little less than ideal. Instead of sipping hot cocoa and enjoying your Christmas gifts, once your  family and friends went home you […]

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Health is at the forefront of everyone’s mind right now in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak. Obviously, there’s no medical prevention or cure, but there are ways you can boost your own natural immunity and keep yourself healthier during this time. How? Walk It Out Something as simple as adding walking to your daily routine can help […]

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Hand-Washing 101: What You Need to Know


At this point, we’re all aware of the recent outbreak of, what the medical community has dubbed, “Coronavirus” or COVID-19 and unfortunately it’s causing mass panic for people around the world. While we understand that there is a reason to be cautious due to the high level of contagiousness and danger to those who are […]

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Sanitizing After Santa: When Christmas Brought More Than Gifts to Your Home

Ah, the post Christmas spirit is a special time indeed. Children’s faces are glowing, the living room is covered in new toys being thoroughly enjoyed, and parents and adults bask in the few days of spending time with the ones they love before the reality of work and routine sets back in. Unfortunately, not all […]

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