Tips to “Fall Back” on: How to Survive This Week’s Time Change

watch-1534680_640It’s that time of year again when evening temperatures start to cool down here in Florida, and people began to enjoy preparations for the upcoming holiday season. A key part of the “winter” season is also the time change, when we can “Fall Back” and, seemingly, gain another hour in our day. However, this gain can actually be quite costly if you haven’t prepared ahead for the difference in your daily schedule.

So, how can you be ready when it’s time to turn the clocks back this weekend?

Get Your ZZzzs

Setting the clocks back by an hour might seem like an easy change, after all, who doesn’t love extra time to sleep? However, your body will still be operating on its normal routine, and if you let yourself stay up later than usual just because you have “more” time, your body will likely pay for it the next day. Attempt to go to bed at your normal time on the night of the time change, if not a little earlier, since your body will likely be tired.

Don’t Rely on Technology

While many clocks of today are automatically programmed to update to the appropriate hour for both the “Fall Back” and “Spring Forward” time changes, not all clocks do this. Also remember, glitches can happen, and it would be a shame to show up to work an hour late because your clock failed to do its job. For time changes, double check all clocks, watches, etc. and if they don’t have automatic programming, set them accordingly. It might be wise to have a backup alarm option too if you have somewhere to be the next day, just in case a technological “oops” happens to you.

Give Yourself Time

While the time change itself is giving you an extra hour (or so it seems), it can still throw you off schedule for a day or two. Plan to give yourself more than enough time to get ready and travel to any obligations you need to attend. Do the same for getting your kids up and ready for school, for school pickup, etc. so you aren’t left scrambling.

The countdown is on for falling back, and we’re looking forward to welcoming in the winter and holiday season here in Central Florida. Another important “fall back”? Ensuring that you and the ones you love are fully protected this year. From health, to home, Carroll Marshall Insurance has you covered. We can help you put together an insurance plan that fits your needs and your budget. Stop by our Winter Haven office or give us a call!

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