What’s in My Bag: Insurance Edition

briefcase-161032_640The internet is full of trends, and whether you enjoy video media on popular apps such as YouTube, or you prefer to follow written words and photographic pieces by keeping up with favorite bloggers or social media influencers, chances are you’re familiar with some of the favorite trending challenges or topics online. OOTD (Outfit of The Day) posts, toy opening videos, and shopping hauls are just a few of the biggest hits that blew up during 2018, and have carried over into 2019 so far. Another fun topic though is called “What’s in My Bag” (or some derivative of this) and essentially asks people to empty their bag (purse, diaper bag, briefcase) and showcase what’s inside.

We thought, “Why can’t we do that?” Insurance most certainly affects what we carry around in our bags…or at least, it should. Here are items you should keep close at hand in your bag (or in your wallet) at all times to ensure that you’re prepared for whatever comes your way:

  • Your insurance card(s). Your health insurance card, and any corresponding cards (separate cards for vision plans, dental plans, or lab/pharmacy needs) should always be in your wallet or bag. You never know when an emergency could happen, and if you require medical care, having that card close at hand will save you lots of headaches down the line.
  • Your ID. ID is another vital piece of information to have on hand at all times, even if you don’t think you’ll need it. In emergencies, it provides the information needed to contact your loved ones, it lets medical providers know if you are an organ donor, etc. You also need it for insurance purposes in many cases, so it’s best to just keep it handy.
  • A list of medications and/or conditions. Having a piece of paper (or a note on your phone) with a list of all conditions you have, and any medications you take on a regular basis. Be as detailed as possible. This could be very helpful to medical personnel if you are unable to communicate in an emergency situation. Knowing some of your medical history up front could save your life!
  • Important insurance phone numbers! Auto coverage, health coverage, homeowners insurance…all of these have phone numbers you need to make a claim, and if you have a crisis (car accident, house fire, etc.) having those numbers is a huge deal. Either write them down and keep them with your other aforementioned info, or have them saved in your phone where you can easily find them.

So, there you have it! A simple list of what all insurance-saavy people should carry in their bags (or wallets) on any given day. We hope these items will find a place among the gum wrappers, baby wipes, spare change, and other items that somehow find their way into the recesses of our bags. Another important number to have on hand? Ours! Carroll Marshall Insurance is your first line of help when it comes to your insurance. We can answer questions about your policy, and can offer guidance on your coverage, and any changes that might need to be made now or in the future. We help you save money while getting the coverage you need. Call us!

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