Worry-Free Fun: Get Out of The House Without The Risk

soft-ice-cream-cone-617724_640While many places in Florida will be participating in Phase 1 of reopening the state this coming week, we know that many residents wills till feel leery of going out for a while longer. Many Winter Haven residents are definitely feeling the cabin fever, and while we’re all ready to get back out and enjoy our city, we also want to practice caution and protect ourselves and those around us. If you’re not ready to jump back into life in public yet, but you’re desperate to get out, all you need to do is use a little creativity and think outside the box. There are ways to get out and enjoy time with your family (or by yourself) while practicing social distancing and respecting the local rules and regulations.
Here are a few of our favorite ideas. Hopefully they’ll inspire you to create your own list of things to do over the coming days…
  • Support Local…from a Distance! Local businesses cherish your support during this time, and while you aren’t ready to enjoy the game at your favorite sports bar, or browse the local boutiques on the weekend, you can still play a part in keeping these businesses open so they’ll be there for you to enjoy when daily life is a bit more normal. Many locations are offering online ordering, curbside pickup, or even delivery. Instead of ordering through chains or big box stores, why not enjoy dinner “out” by opting for curbside pickup and then taking home your favorite foods and treats to have along with a fun new movie, or while video chatting with friends and family? The local boutiques who have curbside pickup or delivery options would be a wonderful option when it’s time to shop for Mother’s Day gifts, birthday presents, or even something to lift your own spirits!
  • Sightseeing Is Still Allowed. You can still enjoy seeing the sights around town from the safety of your vehicle. If you have young children, consider doing a scavenger hunt of your area. Identify local landmarks, look for native trees, birds, or other wildlife, and throw in a few fun things like “a car with a funny bumper sticker” or “a house with a purple front door” to keep the game challenging and interesting. The prize for finishing the hunt could be a treat to-go at your favorite ice cream shop or bakery!
  • Make Necessary Errands Enjoyable. We get it. Working from home, doing school at home, eating at home…and pretty much doing EVERYTHING at home has left many of us with little desire to change out of sweats or workout gear. Break out of the slump and challenge yourself to get dressed and put together, and make your errand runs into an activity all their own. Turn on your favorite music in the car, jet through the drive-thru of your nearby coffee shop and take your time by driving the long way home. Even grocery pickups can be more fun if you make it into something new!
The team here at Carroll Marshall Insurance is here supporting you from our downtown office. We are still taking “appointments” via phone or however you are most comfortable discussing your concerns and questions about your policies and insurance coverage. We will continue to work with you as we all get back on track and begin a new normal in the weeks and months ahead. Once you’re ready, we look forward to seeing you!

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