Why Disability Insurance Matters for EVERYONE

icon-3418171_640The insurance industry occasionally faces criticism for “overkill,” with specialized policies available for everything from your pooch to your paddle board in today’s industry. However, certain polices are all but mandatory for everyday life, such as health coverage, life insurance, auto policies, and homeowners protection. One type of policy, though, tends to fall somewhere in the middle. Many individuals sing the praises of this insurance policy following an accident or unexpected health crisis which leaves them unable to work, but others who don’t currently have a need for the coverage can think it’s an “extra” and not necessarily important for those who are young, low-risk, and “unlikely” to need it.

We must ask the question though, does anyone walk out the door on a given day and expect…

  • To get in a car accident?
  • To find out they have cancer?
  • To be injured on their job?

Unexpected accidents are just that: accidents. They aren’t planned for, expected, or accounted for in your budget. Even with careful thought about end-of-life expenses, healthcare costs, etc., there is no way for you to feasibly plan for being hurt or becoming ill and no longer being able to provide for your family. Not only would the cost of care for you take a toll, but a major source of income would also be lost, especially if you are the primary breadwinner. That’s why we encourage all clients to consider disability coverage when building their coverage plan for their family. Disability insurance doesn’t just cover “disability” related to your job or a work-induced injury, nor is it only for those who are “older” and more likely to become ill or suffer injury. As of 2010, over 2 million Americans who were receiving disability benefits were in their 20s, 30s, and 40s. Disability insurance covers injuries and illness of all types that leave you unable to perform your job and continue to bring in financial support for yourself and your loved ones, regardless of your age or stage of life. This type of coverage can offer benefits that regular government aided social benefits can not, such as allowing your family to maintain their current quality of life, less hassle for receiving benefits, etc. That’s why we are here and waiting to talk to you about your own coverage, and how adding a disability policy might be the best choice for your family. We can tailor a plan to your current needs and budget, so you can have peace of mind for the present and for the future. Give us a call or stop by our downtown Winter Haven office for more info!

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