Is Long Term Care Insurance the Right Choice for You?

Long-term care insurance sounds like something your grandparents might have discussed once upon a time when they were estate planning, but is it relevant for you? To understand whether you need a particular type of policy, and how much of it you need, you must first understand what the coverage is, and how it works. […]

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Labor Day 2018: Celebrating Hard Work (Appreciating That Choosing Your Insurance Doesn’t Have To Be)

Labor Day is about coming together and celebrating the hard work and resources that have made America into the great nation it is today. We recognize that it takes each of us contributing our time, energy, and resources to make America successful, and as insurance advisors for the greater Winter Haven area, we take our […]

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Why Disability Insurance Matters for EVERYONE

The insurance industry occasionally faces criticism for “overkill,” with specialized policies available for everything from your pooch to your paddle board in today’s industry. However, certain polices are all but mandatory for everyday life, such as health coverage, life insurance, auto policies, and homeowners protection. One type of policy, though, tends to fall somewhere in […]

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