Labor Day 2018: Celebrating Hard Work (Appreciating That Choosing Your Insurance Doesn’t Have To Be)

labor-day-1628502_640Labor Day is about coming together and celebrating the hard work and resources that have made America into the great nation it is today. We recognize that it takes each of us contributing our time, energy, and resources to make America successful, and as insurance advisors for the greater Winter Haven area, we take our job very seriously. Our goal is to take the “labor” out of choosing your protection plans, from homeowners and healthcare, to vision, dental, and other specialty policies. We hear lots of reasons why selecting insurance coverage is a less-than-desirable activity, including:
“It’s too hard. There are too many policies to choose from, and too many details that I don’t understand.” 
“I can’t afford insurance…but I can’t afford the care that I need without it.” 
“It’s overkill. I only need the basic policies…all the others are luxuries.” 
While we certainly understand these feelings, we are here to encourage you that this doesn’t have to be the way insurance works. Finding the perfect protection options for you and your family are possible, if you know where to look and have help. That’s what Carroll Marshall Insurance is here for. We evaluate your current budget, needs, assets, and more, and then we do the legwork of finding different policies, various bundling options, and flexible premiums to put together the ultimate package tailored to your specific situation. That means you and the ones you love will be covered in the event of a health crisis, and accident, or unforeseen event without overextending your regular budget on a monthly basis. Because we are local, we consider each client to be a friend and neighbor, and our goal is YOUR best interest. Give us a call and see how we can help you, or feel free to stop by our Winter Haven office.
We hope your Labor Day is happy, healthy, and full of the things you enjoy.

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