Love It? Insure It!

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Insurance seems to be one of the “routine” parts of adulthood that many of us take for granted, but with love on the minds of many people throughout the month of February, we think this is a great time to remind you of the value of quality coverage from solid providers. Without insurance, many of […]

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Pushing the Limit: Top 3 Gift Ideas for Late Shoppers

Merry Christmas Eve! With Christmas TOMORROW, most of us have gifts for everyone on our list neatly wrapped, tied with a bow, and waiting under the tree for the big morning. All except for you. That’s right, you. We see you. Nervously sweating at Christmas Eve brunch as everyone talks about the holiday plans and […]

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Labor Day 2018: Celebrating Hard Work (Appreciating That Choosing Your Insurance Doesn’t Have To Be)

Labor Day is about coming together and celebrating the hard work and resources that have made America into the great nation it is today. We recognize that it takes each of us contributing our time, energy, and resources to make America successful, and as insurance advisors for the greater Winter Haven area, we take our […]

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Be Ready, Rain or Shine: How Event Insurance Protects Your Investment

Planning a large event like a wedding, a fundraiser, or a concert? Chances are, you have been approached by EACH vendor about various insurance “policies” for their products and/or services. Insuring your caterer, tux rentals, honeymoon plans, venue, guests, etc. could seem like a good idea, but if can cost you thousands in the end. […]

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When the Wedding Bells Don’t Ring: Why Event Insurance Might Be Right for You

Event insurance is a topic that many consumers aren’t familiar with. ¬†It might seem silly to some people, since you are basically purchasing a “one-day” policy, that covers a single event. ¬†However, with events such as weddings costing upward of $30,000 in today’s market, event insurance can actually be a worthwhile purchase. Event insurance (most […]

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