Party at The Pool! Make a “Splash” with Your Halloween Bash This Year

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Holidays in Florida always seem to look a little different. Christmas? Sometimes we wear flip-flops and grill out. Thanksgiving? Seafood is a great alternative to turkey! We’re used to doing things our own way here. Halloween is around the corner, and it’s time to start thinking about how you’ll be celebrating. We might not have […]

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Weddings Gone Wrong: Why Event Insurance Matters

Here in Florida, wedding season is quickly approaching, as brides and grooms flock to the beaches, resorts, and other major attractions to live out their dream and exchange their vows in the sunshine and warmth that characterize our state. Because we have so many weddings in and around our area, Carroll Marshall Insurance has taken […]

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Be Ready, Rain or Shine: How Event Insurance Protects Your Investment

Planning a large event like a wedding, a fundraiser, or a concert? Chances are, you have been approached by EACH vendor about various insurance “policies” for their products and/or services. Insuring your caterer, tux rentals, honeymoon plans, venue, guests, etc. could seem like a good idea, but if can cost you thousands in the end. […]

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Summer Dreaming: Planning for Your Vacation Travels

During this last week of school before summer vacation, it can be easy to start daydreaming of your travel plans, lazy days by the pool, or relaxing on a warm beach.  Here in Polk County, parents are counting down the days until their kids say goodbye to their teachers (and the teachers are counting down […]

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When the Wedding Bells Don’t Ring: Why Event Insurance Might Be Right for You

Event insurance is a topic that many consumers aren’t familiar with.  It might seem silly to some people, since you are basically purchasing a “one-day” policy, that covers a single event.  However, with events such as weddings costing upward of $30,000 in today’s market, event insurance can actually be a worthwhile purchase. Event insurance (most […]

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