Be Ready, Rain or Shine: How Event Insurance Protects Your Investment

banquet-453799_640Planning a large event like a wedding, a fundraiser, or a concert? Chances are, you have been approached by EACH vendor about various insurance “policies” for their products and/or services. Insuring your caterer, tux rentals, honeymoon plans, venue, guests, etc. could seem like a good idea, but if can cost you thousands in the end. We are here to tell you that there’s a better way! Event insurance policies can be purchased to cover all of these things and more in the chance that weather, sickness, or some other disastrous or unexpected circumstance prevents your event from going through as planned. It might seem silly or unnecessary to some, since you are basically purchasing a “one-day” policy, that covers a single event. However, with these events (such as weddings costing upward of $30,000) in today’s market, insurance protecting your investment can actually be a worthwhile purchase.

Event insurance essentially covers damages, injuries, etc. sustained during the event in question. In other words, if a guest has one too many drinks and breaks a window or a fundraiser sponsor slips and sustains an injury on a wet stair leaving at the end of the night, you are protected from liability for the incidents.

Oftentimes, event insurance providers offer add-ons such as cancellation coverage, special coverage (for attire, vendors, special purchases, etc.) and more. You can essentially tailor a package to your own specific event, making sure that your multiple investments in your big day don’t go to waste if or when an issue arises.

If you have questions about event insurance, or any other type of coverage to protect yourself, your belongings, and the ones you love, give us a call! Carroll Marshall Insurance is proud to serve the greater Winter Haven area with top-quality insurance coverage and advising services for those who aren’t exactly sure what they need or how to go about getting it.

Don’t risk letting your planning, hard work, and money go to waste because of a little (or lot of) rain! We can help you protect it, rain or shine.

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