Pushing the Limit: Top 3 Gift Ideas for Late Shoppers

Merry Christmas Eve! With Christmas TOMORROW, most of us have gifts for everyone on our list neatly wrapped, tied with a bow, and waiting under the tree for the big morning. All except for you.

That’s right, you. We see you. Nervously sweating at Christmas Eve brunch as everyone talks about the holiday plans and the children getting up early to open their presents and you know that you’ve bought exactly 3 out of 25 gifts that you needed to buy and have t-minus 24 hours until the unwrapping begins.

So what are you going to do? Well, we are here to help. Here are the top 3 gift ideas we love for everyone on your list, no matter how late you pushed your Christmas shopping this year…

  1. Sweets and treats. Everyone loves something tasty on Christmas. You can’t go wrong with candy or treats for those on your list who have a sweet tooth. Good news: even gas stations (open 24/7, even Christmas) have candy and sweets available. Grab a handful of their favorite candies and wrap them with ribbon for a festive touch.
  2. Magazine subscriptions. This sounds silly, but in modern culture there is a magazine for almost every interest at every age, and we all enjoy getting fun mail and having some good reading material to carry along on car rides, to the doctor’s office, or even for our lunch break at work. Magazine subscriptions can be purchased online anytime, even short notice. Simply print out the confirmation Email, stick a bow on it, and you’ve got a great gift for anyone on your list that will keep “giving” all year long.
  3. Cash and gift cards. Obviously cash is always a great choice as a gift, but if you want something more personal, gift cards are easy to grab and go, are usually packaged in a ready-to-gift envelope/card, and can be purchased at most gas stations, drug stores, and basically anywhere else that is open on Christmas Eve/Christmas Day. Opt for shopping cards to major retailers for little ones on your list as these places often carry the toys they want (or items they need if their parents will be doing the shopping). For adults, gift cards for restaurants, movies, and other activities are a great way to go!

Of course, the best gift for anyone on your list is the gift of peace of mind and comfort in knowing they are taken care of. Insurance coverage provides that and more, and residents in and around the Winter Haven area know that when it comes to insurance, Carroll Marshall is their number one choice for personalized coverage. We find plans that fit your needs, at prices you can afford, so you can rest easy this year knowing that you are covered.

Now, you still have time! Go get your shopping out of the way…and call us if you haven’t already set up your coverage for the upcoming year.

Merry Christmas from Carroll Marshall Insurance!

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