Under-The-Weather Guests: How to Prepare for An Unexpected (and Unfortunate) Situation

kelly-sikkema-516850-unsplashChristmas is just a week away, and while most holiday blogs will be focusing on the cheery, bright side of family and friends gathering for a day of celebration, we want to take some time to cover a not-as-pleasant (and downright unwanted) situation that everyone has faced at one time or another:

Sick Houseguests 😱

Whether your guests just forgot to mention that they were bringing along a case of sniffles with their baggage, or whether they got SOA (Sick On Arrival), having houseguests with a stomach virus, the flu, or a bad cold can seriously put a damper on your holiday spirit. Especially if there are lots of other people staying in your house that could be exposed and potentially cause an epidemic. So how can you tactfully handle the situation while being a gracious hostess and keeping yourself (and everyone else in your home) well?

Here are a few pointers to help you make it through the holiday healthy AND happy:

If possible, change plans. If you know that a loved one who is planning on heading your way for the holidays will be brining along some hitchhiking germs, consider changing around your plans a bit. If everyone else involved is willing to shift the dates of the festivities a bit later, you can gently let your sick friend or family member know that you want them feeling their best for the fun, and let them know the dates have changed to allow them more time to rest and recover.
Implement hygiene (for everyone). Hand washing is a major part of keeping germs isolated to one party, and that’s vital if you have sick houseguests in an enclosed, shared space, such as your home. Keep antibacterial soap with plenty of clean hand towels/paper towels in each bathroom, and place hand sanitizer in easily accessible points throughout your home. Make sure family members know to keep their hands clean, and thoroughly wash them each time they sneeze, cough, etc. Side note: keep plenty of tissues on hand to block germs from rogue sneezes!
Have a cleaning party after the holiday party. When your guests hit the road, you need to hit the cleaning closet. Sanitizing all surfaces (especially doorknobs, tv remotes, and other frequently handled objects), washing linens on hot to kill germs, and using a sanitizing spray to clean non-washable items (like furniture or carpets) is a good way to not only freshen your home after the holidays, but also get rid of any lingering sickness left behind.
We hope you can enjoy a happy AND healthy Christmas with the ones you love, and wish you a fun time without sickness joining the party. If you or your loved ones do find yourselves ill over the holidays or during the upcoming year, don’t put yourself in a situation where you have to wonder if you can afford to seek help from healthcare professionals. Insurance coverage means you know what to expect when you head to the doctor, and can focus on getting better instead of focusing on the financial strain. Carroll Marshall is here to make sure Winter Haven residents get the coverage they need at prices they can afford, and can stay healthy all year long.

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