The Morning After (Halloween): Tips from the Pros

candy-1816022_640Halloween has come and gone, and children (and parents) everywhere are waking up to the results of too much candy, not enough sleep, and remnants of the previous night’s party strewn about as they get ready for school and work. While holidays are fun, they can come with a long list of consequences the next day if you’re not prepared, but if you know what to expect and how to handle it, you can actually make the day (and weekend) after a good experience and get back on track faster!

Try these tips to make today…and the next few days…just a little bit easier:

  • Allow time for rest! Halloween often means later nights than usual for young children, and when you pair that with excess sugar, moods are bound to go downhill by dinnertime the night after. Try to work time for rest into your day. Very young children will often get a nap or quiet time at preschool or at home with mom, dad, or their caregiver, but older children don’t get the chance. Consider cancelling any after-school plans and allow some time for rest and refreshment when you walk in the door. It will make the rest of the day go more smoothly for everyone!
  • Work in healthy choices for dinner and snacks. While it’s easy to opt for convenience when everyone is tired and hungry, junk food is the worst thing you could do following a night of too much candy. Shoot for a healthier dinner with plenty of protein and fresh fruits and veggies. If eating at home just isn’t possible, look for restaurants that offer fresh ingredients and healthier choices for you and for your kids.
  • Drink plenty of water! It should be part of your everyday routine, but drinking your full daily serving of water is especially important after you’ve had lots of sugar. Flushing out your system and getting your body back on track will help you overcome the candy crash faster. For kids, keeping a fun water bottle filled throughout the day is a helpful way to get them to drink their ounces without complaints!

We hope your Halloween was a fun and safe one, and that you can get back on track ASAP with the tips above. Have a wonderful weekend and we’ll be here in the office ready to serve you again on Monday!

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