Red, White, and…Purple? Why YOU Need Vision Insurance This Independence Day

Tomorrow is the big day, and as the 4th of July rolls around, people across America will be celebrating with backyard barbecues, parties with friends and family, and of course, fireworks displays as soon as the sun goes down. Sitting back and enjoying the colorful visions of fireworks filling the sky is a much-loved tradition on Independence Day, but what if this year’s picturesque show is a little…blurry?
Difficulties with vision can be caused by a variety of factors, from genetics, to age, to sickness or disease. What all vision problems have in common though are expensive trips to ophthalmologists, prescriptions, glasses, and more. The cost adds up quickly, and can overwhelm those affected unless they have coverage to offset the expenditures. Unfortunately  vision insurance is a coverage of which people often opt out.  It’s seen as being “unnecessary,” or a luxury type of insurance plan, and consumers feel that they can easily let it go to save a little on their monthly premiums.  However, vision insurance is actually quite beneficial, and for some people like those mentioned above, necessary.
Why is it worth purchasing this type of coverage?
First, it covers eye-care costs that your typical medical coverage plan does not. While your regular medical provision typically covers injuries to your eye (i.e., getting hit in the eye, having something harmful in your eye, etc.) it might not cover the cost in full, or it might not be covered at all if not deemed medically necessary.  Additionally, vision insurance covers your routine eye care costs (like your annual exam) that your medical insurance will not pay for.  Instead of a several-hundred dollar bill from your yearly exam, you will likely have a minimal copay (typically of $30 or less) if you have vision coverage.
Second, vision insurance has some pretty substantial perks, especially if you wear glasses or contacts.  Average vision plans cover new glasses each year (as long as you don’t opt for fancy designer lenses or anything over-the-top) and usually offer discounted pricing on contact lenses.  Since glasses and contacts can be quite expensive, the savings on these items might end up almost negating the cost of the vision insurance premiums at the end of the year!
The best part about vision insurance is that it’s very inexpensive.  Plans can be as low as $3-$7 per month, which means for less than you’d spend on a 4th of July hot dog at the local parade, you could save yourself hundreds in eye care costs.  Are you interested in adding vision coverage onto your existing plan, or purchasing vision coverage outright? We’ve got you covered! Carroll Marshall Insurance can help you determine exactly which plan is right for you and your family, to ensure your needs and your budget are met. Feel free to stop by our Winter Haven office with any questions you might have as well. We always love to “see” our clients!

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