Summer Biking in Florida: What Motorcyclists Need to Know

Summer in Florida means sunshine, long (hot) days, and plenty of time enjoying the outdoors. Few people know this better than motorcycle owners. If you enjoy traveling by bike, you understand the delight in feeling the wind and sunshine firsthand as you hit the highway. Unfortunately, there are many risks that come along with taking two wheels instead of four, and if you aren’t prepared, your summer fun could cost you more than a tank of gasoline and dinner on the road.
What should you know before you strap on your helmet this season?
You should always be prepared for the worst. No, we don’t mean worst case scenarios like accidents (although we’re covering that in just a minute)…rather, we mean worst case situations like foul weather, extreme heat, or illness/discomfort/injury. If you are out on your bike and you hit a bad storm┬áthat requires you to take shelter under a bridge or in an area with no resources, having an easy-to-grab snack and a bottle of water on hand is a smart choice. If you are halfway through a full-day’s drive and get hit with a sudden headache or backache, having an over-the-counter pain reliever could be a lifesaver. Keeping a small emergency kit in a backpack or in one of your saddlebags is a game-changer when it comes to preparedness on the road. Stock it with a couple of bottles of water, a few easy, shelf-stable snacks, and a basic first-aid kit outfitted with pain relievers, bandages, sterile wipes, etc.
Always be ready for an accident. Every time you hit the road on your bike, you have a choice. Should you fully gear up with your helmet, sturdy shoes, and sunglasses…or not? It’s just a five-minute run down the road to the store, so it can’t be that┬ádangerous to just jump on and go, right? WRONG. Whether you’re going a mile or a hundred miles, an accident can happen at any moment, and for motorcyclists, they are often fatal due to the lack of protection offered by a bike. Your helmet is never optional, and while shoes/sunglasses might vary from person to person, they are actually important elements of safety when on your bike. Having the right gear could save your life.
Know your rights and the details of your insurance policy. Unfortunately, insurance providers aren’t always as accommodating to motorcyclists as they should be. Since bike’s offer very little protection like we mentioned above, the rider actually sustains more damage than the motorcycle does in many accidents. Because of this, claims agents and insurance representatives might see the bike and deny your medical claim based on the “lack of damage” even though you’re facing extensive recovery and long-term effects from your injuries. Knowing what your insurance does/doesn’t cover, and understanding how that applies to you, is key in making sure you get the compensation you deserve.
Carroll Marshall Insurance is here to answer all of your questions about motorcycle insurance, health insurance, and any other protecting policies or measures you wish to take before you hit the highway for your next adventure. We are Winter Haven’s insurance experts, and as local residents ourselves, we treat every client as a neighbor. We are happy to answer your questions, address any concerns, and help you shop for the lowest possible rates on coverage of all kinds. Give us a call or stop by our downtown office!

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