Summer Biking in Florida: What Motorcyclists Need to Know


Summer in Florida means sunshine, long (hot) days, and plenty of time enjoying the outdoors. Few people know this better than motorcycle owners. If you enjoy traveling by bike, you understand the delight in feeling the wind and sunshine firsthand as you hit the highway. Unfortunately, there are many risks that come along with taking […]

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Ready to Ride: What Motorcyclists in Florida Need to Know

As Spring quickly approaches here in Florida, and temperatures will steadily rise over the coming weeks, bikers throughout the area will be coming out in droves to enjoy the sunshine, the fresh air, and the FUN that comes from being in the outdoors. Motorcycle owners are dusting off their wheels and their riding equipment and […]

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The Risks of Cruising on Two Wheels: Why Motorcycle Coverage Is Necessary

Here in Central Florida, motorcycles are a beloved means of transportation. Our beautiful weather, mild (usually warm) climate, and flat roadways are prime conditions for motorcyclists. Unfortunately though, we also have many motorcycle-related injuries and fatalities. We want to see ALL motorists kept safe, regardless of how many wheels are under them while driving. Whether on a motorcycle or in a full-sized […]

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