The Risks of Cruising on Two Wheels: Why Motorcycle Coverage Is Necessary

biker-407123_1280Here in Central Florida, motorcycles are a beloved means of transportation. Our beautiful weather, mild (usually warm) climate, and flat roadways are prime conditions for motorcyclists. Unfortunately though, we also have many motorcycle-related injuries and fatalities. We want to see ALL motorists kept safe, regardless of how many wheels are under them while driving. Whether on a motorcycle or in a full-sized van, every driver should be able to feel safe when he hits the road. Unfortunately though, driving a motorcycle does carry some unique risks that need to be taken into account before you hit the road. Things to remember include:
1. Not sober? Pull over. Alcohol is a key factor in many accidents, whether it involves a motorcycle or not. Sadly, many motorcycle fatalities are reported to be due to intoxication of the motorcyclists and/or the other driver. Don’t put yourself or other drivers at risk. If you’ve had a couple of drinks (or more) either stay where you are until you are sober if possible, or call a friend or family member to come and get you.
2. Look, and Look Again. This is an important rule regardless of what you are driving…even if you are on something as small as roller skates! Before pulling out into any type of traffic, look once, twice, and preferably three times in each direction. What might seem like extreme, and almost unnecessary, caution, could save your life and the lives of others. For those driving cars, it can be easy to miss a motorcycle due to their smaller size, so be hyper-vigilant of the roadways when pulling out. This is especially true in the early morning and at dusk, when the faded light can play with your eyes and make it harder to see headlights of oncoming traffic.
3. Slow Down. Speeding is a factor in many automobile accidents, but this is especially key in motorcycle accidents. Motorcyclists can’t stop as quickly or as easily as a car can, and if they are speeding, they are likely to hit any unexpected object or vehicle with force that can be extremely dangerous (and often fatal). If you are driving a motorcycle, keep an eye on the speed. While it might seem “cool” or fun to hit top speeds, your safety is not worth a few moments of thrill.
4. Gear up. If you are driving a motorcycle, or riding on one, WEAR A HELMET. While it’s not a law here in Florida, not wearing a helmet when driving something as high-speed as a motorcycle is just foolish. An accident without a helmet means a much higher likelihood of severe or fatal injuries to the driver.
Obviously, getting on two wheels and hitting the road alongside vehicles twice your size is going to carry some hazards with it, but if you are making wise decisions and playing it safe, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy your bike for years to come. A key factor in responsible motorcycle ownership though is carrying the appropriate amount of coverage to protect not only yourself, but any other drivers you may come into contact with through an accident. Carroll Marshall Insurance carries motorcycle plans from top providers in the industry, and we can help you choose the coverage that’s best for you. Having motorcycle insurance means you can hit the wide open roads with confidence, and truly enjoy your ride. Give us a call or stop by our Winter Haven office to see how we can help you!

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