Dorian Is Headed Our Way…Is Florida Ready?

Tropical storm Dorian is just a few mph away from being upgraded to a hurricane, and experts expect it to strengthen over the weekend and hit Florida sometime on Monday as a potential Category 3 storm. While it might not be classified as another Irma, none of us have forgotten the blow received by Polk […]

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Being Neighborly: How to Support Our Northern Neighbors as They Prepare for Hurricane Florence

Just a year ago, Hurricane Irma pounded the entire state of Florida with powerful winds, heavy rains that resulted in flooding, and major damage to homes and businesses alike. While much of our state has recovered, or are in the process of recovering, we are no stranger to the catastrophic impact of a hurricane on […]

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Hurricane Preparation for Central Florida

Hurricane preparation is a popular topic here in Central Florida, but for folks in Polk County, it can look very different than that of our neighbors on the east and west coasts of the state. As Hurricane Irma presses down on the islands south of Florida, we are gearing up for a possible hit from […]

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