Work at Home? Here’s What You Need to Know


In the current job market, working from home, or “teleworking” as it’s best-known, has become the new normal. Thanks to COVID-19, most business owners and operators have been forced to offer telework to as many employees as possible to mitigate health risks. There are added perks at least! It’s less overhead operating costs for the […]

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Prepare Your Kids: Going Back to School During a Pandemic

Parents and teachers across Polk County are holding their breath, waiting to hear the final verdict on what school reopening will look like for the 2020-2021 school year. As the original start date of classes looms closer, parents are trying their best to prepare themselves for what lies ahead, whether that be sending their kids back into […]

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Vacation 2020: Making the Most Out of A Hard Year


Vacations, even on a good year, can be hard. But in 2020, summer vacations have taken a back burner for many families, and it’s no surprise. Many people don’t have the luxury of long stretches of time away from their jobs right now, and what’s more, many are working on a limited budget that prevents […]

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4th of July in 2020: Safety Tips for At-Home Celebrations

CMI 4th of July

We’ve almost made it to Independence Day, and we’re sure your celebrations will include plenty of good food, time with family and (maybe) a few close friends, and probably some at-home fireworks. With COVID-19 continuing to plague cities across the US, many 4th of July celebrations have been canceled, leaving people to plan their own […]

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Getting Back to the Great Outdoors: Camping As A Vacation (and How to Prepare Your Car)

With COVID affecting travel plans for people around the world, many of us here in Florida are seriously considering camping as a great backup alternative for vacationing this year. After all, camping is a wonderful way to enjoy the great outdoors, unplug, and bond with family and friends. However, it can hold its own unique […]

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Should You Make the Jump? How Backyard Additions Impact Your Coverage

With COVID-19 affecting the summer plans of many families, kids are staring down a summer vacation being stuck at home. Parents and children alike are probably looking at their old, worn-out swing-set and patchy grass and wondering how that will POSSIBLY be enough to stay entertained for weeks on end. Hence why we’ve been hearing […]

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How COVID Has Affected The Insurance Industry and What You Need to Know About Your Policies

The pandemic our country has been thrown into in 2020 is unprecedented, and COVID-19 has certainly left a mark on every aspect of our society. Aside from the obvious health ramifications, our education system, commerce, socialization, religious practices, and even holidays have been greatly affected and it will definitely take time to recover. The insurance industry hasn’t been immune to the […]

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Worry-Free Fun: Get Out of The House Without The Risk

While many places in Florida will be participating in Phase 1 of reopening the state this coming week, we know that many residents wills till feel leery of going out for a while longer. Many Winter Haven residents are definitely feeling the cabin fever, and while we’re all ready to get back out and enjoy our […]

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Mother’s Day 2020: Celebrating Your Mom in New Ways

As Mother’s Day looms on the horizon, many of us are reflecting on our moms and what they mean to us. Perhaps this year, more than ever, we are grateful for them as nurturers, as a steady hand in our lives, and as the calm we look to in the craziness that has seemed to […]

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Remote Meetings and Professionalism CAN Go Together

COVID-19 has changed just about every aspect of society it seems, and the working world is acutely aware of this, as many employees have been appointed to working from home for the foreseeable future. While telework has many benefits (no commute, access to your home’s amenities during the day, and comfort), there are also aspects of […]

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