Customer Service vs. Sales Culture: The Choice Is Yours

DSC_1387Customer service is the focus of business of all sizes, and you often hear claims of “rated best for customer service” or other similarly worded accolades, but do you really know how to gauge a business’s customer service? In a world where sales culture is prominent, many consumers have forgotten the beauty of true customer service and have all but lost sight of what it means to truly be served by a provider vs. having them care only about your money.

Customer service is important to us at Carroll Marshall Insurance, as we are locally based in Winter Haven and consider our clients to be our friends and neighbors as well. When you choose Carroll Marshall you know you will get…

  • Personal connection. Unlike many large-scale businesses where you are routed through a call center and will end up on hold repeatedly, when you call us you get an answer from us. Your own personal agent is ready and waiting to talk to you each and every time you call our office, so you know that the information you get is accurate, personalized to you, and in your best interest.
  • Timely appointments OR drop-in options. If you need to meet with us in person to go over your polices and/or paperwork, we always love you see you! You can call and make an appointment if you want a specific time, or you can drop in without an appointment if you’d rather.
  • You WON’T be harassed. Yes, we will stay in touch with you as much as needed to ensure that you are receiving the best in service and product, but we will not continually call you trying to sell newer, more expensive policies to you that aren’t necessary to meet your coverage needs.
  • Experience. We have been providing insurance advisement services for over 45 years, and we know how to customize just the right protection plan to your existing needs and help you plan for the future.

We are so proud to be part of the Winter Haven community, and we enjoy the privilege of serving the greater Polk County area. If you are making decisions about your insurance coverage in the year ahead, from auto policies to health insurance plans, we’ve got you covered. We urge you to feel free to call us with any questions you maybe have about current or potential coverage. We’re ready and waiting to help!

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