Play Ball! How Summer Sports Can Pose A Risk to Your Car (And Tips to Avoid It!)

golf-ball-1605948_640Summer is almost here, and families will be spending time at the ball field, on the golf course, and around the stadium. It’s definitely a fun time of year for sports fans of all ages, but, it can pose risks to your vehicle, and that can take the fun right out of the game. Knowing how to protect your car from the dangers (or inconveniences) of the ball field can help you enjoy the upcoming sport season in peace, and make sure your vehicle is ready for every game. Protect your own set of wheels by…
Being picky about parking. Just imagine: a warm, summer evening, family time at the ballpark with hotdogs and cracker jack and…a ball through your windshield? Yep. Believe it or not, having a ball cause a dent, shatter a windshield, or even cause injury to a bystander is more common than you’d think, and having a fence around the ball field or golf course does NOT prevent it. Stray balls can fly much farther than you realize, and if your car is left close to the stadium, you could be left wishing you had made effort to walk a little farther to the front door instead of picking the convenient parking space. If you’re heading to a game, or going out for a morning of golf with friends, choose your parking wisely. Opt for spots that are on the outer edges of the lot, or in places that aren’t in the direct line of the game.
Storing and hauling equipment properly. If you or your children are the sports participants, you’ll be hauling around lots of equipment over the summer. Baseball bats, hockey gear, golf clubs, etc. can cause some pretty intense damage to your car if not stored and carried properly. For large equipment, fasten them down in the trunk or cargo area with ties or nets made specifically for your type of car. If you’re carrying equipment on the outside of the car (in a truck, a roof rack, or a rear-cargo rack) purchase straps and/or nets that are approved for all-weather use and meant to be used in accordance with your equipment. Keeping things tied down prevents any unexpected shifting or tumbling that can lead to damage for your vehicle or the vehicle of a nearby fellow motorist.
Have rules and stick to them. Now, this is more of a convenience factor than an actual long-term risk to your safety or the safety of your vehicle, but it’s still worth mentioning. Sports mean dirt, and that can spell out bad news for your car. Having rules in place for taking off cleats and equipment before getting into the car, changing before heading home, how to haul dirty sports clothing and gear, etc. are all personal for your family, but whatever rules you put in place, stick to them! Having a plan will make it easier to maintain your car, and a well-maintained car holds it’s value and is a more pleasurable experience for everyone.
Obviously, even with the most precise and careful planning, unexpected curveballs can come your way (literally!) and that’s where Carroll Marshall Insurance comes in. Insurance policies vary from provider to provider, and we can help you go over details of your own coverage to ensure that you’re protected from life’s surprises, from the baseball field to natural disasters. Give us a call to make an appointment or stop by our downtown Winter Haven office and see how we can help you this summer!

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