Take to the Skies: Tips When You Hit the Air for Spring Break 2020

luggage-933487_640As we prepare to leave February behind and head into March, all of us have spring on the brain. Here in Polk County, Spring Break is coming up in just a matter of weeks, and if you’re hitting the skies for a trip with your family, it’s important to remember that traveling by air can be stressful if you don’t prepare properly.  Between baggage weight limits, security checkpoints, and a tight schedule, it can be easy to get overwhelmed and frustrated, especially when you throw small children into the mix. If you fail to pack properly for your time on the actual flight, it can just add to the exasperation.

So, what do you need to bring for your next trip by air?

Layers.  When you dress for a flight, remember to keep comfort in mind. While that doesn’t mean you should wear your pajamas or your sweatpants, you should also steer clear of clothing that isn’t pleasant to wear for a long period of time, especially if it’s uncomfortable when sitting (tight pants, belts with large buckles, etc.).  Also remember, temperature control isn’t known for being a strength of most airlines, so you could get too hot/too cold very easily.  By wearing layers, you ensure that you will be comfortable throughout the flight, because you can add or take away pieces of clothing as needed.  For example, a lightweight t-shirt, a button-up sweater, and a cozy scarf are great ways to stay warm, but you can easily slip off the scarf (and sweater if needed) if the temperature on the plane starts to rise.  Traveling in the winter?  Consider packing a small blanket in your carry-on bag to use during a longer flight. Less risk of germs than the blankets offered by the airline, and more comfy too! 

Water.  It’s important to stay hydrated throughout the day, even on a flight, but you should not pack a bunch of water into your carry-on bag.  These bottles will have to be thrown out when you reach the security checkpoints.  Instead, bring some cash to purchase bottled water after you reach your gate, and then throw those bottles into your carry-on.  Yes, the water at the gate might be more expensive, but cheaper water is no good if you have to throw it in a garbage can before you even reach the plane!

Entertainment.  Flights can be long depending on your destination, and often you’ll have layovers, delays, or extended time frames due to turbulence and whether.  While airlines offer movies during the flight, they aren’t always the best choices, and you don’t want to be left staring out the window for hours.  Bring along your Kindle, your favorite book or magazine, and of course your phone to pass the time.  Don’t forget your charger!  Nothing is worse than having your battery die right in the middle of the flight. If you’re traveling with children, having some easy, quiet activities in their carry on bag is a good idea. A small container of play-doh, a few favorite books, a coloring book and some crayons, etc. are good ways to pass the time and not bother the passengers around you. Also, bring headphones for your kids so they can enjoy a movie or game as well without making everyone else listen to it! 

A mask. This might seem silly, but if you’re traveling by air during cold and flu season (especially with the recent outbreak of the coronavirus) a mask might be a beneficial item to throw into your carry on. You can choose to wear it throughout the flight, or you can slip it on only if you’re forced to sit closely to another passenger, or if you hear coughs/sneezes sounding off around you once seated. A mask can protect you from the germs of others, and can also keep you from spreading sickness around if you are forced to fly while feeling under the weather. 

Carroll Marshall Insurance is here to help your trip go off without a hitch, because making memories with the ones you care about is important! That’s why we offer a variety of ways to ensure that your travels will go well. We work with you to make sure your health coverage is on-point and clear for travel by going over your benefits, helping you find in-network providers at your destination so you know who to call if there is an emergency while you’re away, and knowing what you should plan on financially for co-pays if you need to visit a doctor or pharmacy before you can get back home. We also protect your actual trip, with our travel insurance options that give you a safety net if something doesn’t go as planned. Give us a call and see how we can help you make Spring Break 2020 your best, and most well-prepared for, vacation yet! 

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