Spring Break Staycation: Why Winter Haven Is The Best

pool-690034_640Spring break for local Polk County schools is just around the corner, and while the rest of the southeast is still dealing with typical (cold) weather, Florida’s warm sunshine and perfectly breezy temperatures are the perfect backdrop for all of your vacation plans while you’re off of school and/or work. While some people choose to hit the road and travel for Spring Break, others either can’t afford to, or can’t fit it into their busy schedules. We want to encourage you to think of Winter Haven as your very own “staycation” retreat! We have so much to do here without having to worry about getting a hotel, spend gas money, or get lost 50 times trying to find a street in a neighborhood you don’t know. Staying local for spring break has lots of benefits, including:
  • Supporting locals. Many of our local attractions provide jobs for our friends and neighbors. Supporting them means you’re also supporting your peers, and that’s a great way to put money back into your community. The best part about Winter Haven is that you have some GREAT ¬†options to choose from. Legoland, delicious local eateries, plenty of lakes to explore (with shops willing to rent the equipment you need) and plentiful local activities downtown mean you can have a wonderful time without ever leaving your city limits.
  • Being a “tourist”. You have some of the biggest tourist attractions in the world right down the street. Disney world, famous beaches, spring training for major baseball teams, and so many¬†shopping outlets are within a 1 hour drive of Winter Haven. That means you can be a tourist for a day and enjoy the sights, without going to all the trouble to travel and stay away from home.
  • Saving $$$. The biggest benefit of Spring Break staycations are the savings you’ll enjoy. Money that would have been spent on lodging, eating out for every meal, and fuel for your vehicle can instead be saved, or be used toward more fun activities instead of covering basic necessities.
Another great way to save money as you approach spring break? Take a peek at your coverage policies and make sure you aren’t paying more than you should. Insurance changes on a regular basis, and so do your needs. You could be paying too much for some coverage, and not carrying enough protection for another, so continual evaluation is warranted to make sure you are staying in the parameters of both your needs and your budget. Carroll Marshall Insurance is here to help you navigate the sometimes confusing waters of insurance coverage and we can evaluate your policies for you, and break down why you do/don’t need to stay with the same providers and/or policy. We’ll help you bundle and save where we can, and will do our bets to make sure you have the best protection possible. Simply give us a call, or stop by our Winter Haven office on one of your local spring break excursions!

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