Warm Weather and Water: How to Protect Your Kids (and Yourself) As The Temps Go Up

jet-ski-1053037_640Now that Spring is upon us here in Central Florida, many locals are dreaming about warm weather and all that comes with it. Water tends to be a focal point in many Floridian activities, which is no surprise since we are surrounded by ocean, have plenty of lakes in every direction, and have pools in the majority of people’s backyards. While water is fun, and necessary for your health too, there are things you should know to protect yourself and the ones you love this season, and it’s not all about swimming pool safety.
Of course, swimming safety is a key part of protecting yourself around water. The same rules we’ve discussed before still apply: never swim alone, keep kids under close supervision, invest in swim lessons for your kids, and be sure to secure younger children with a floatation or support device of some kind until they are strong, independent swimmers. If you keep these things in mind, there’s no reason the pool can’t be a fun place for everyone all spring (and summer, and fall) long!
Another key part of water safety in Florida though is knowing how to protect yourself and your kids around lakes. We have multiple bodies of water in Polk County alone, and here in Winter Haven, the Chain of Lakes is hugely popular with residents and tourists alike. Unfortunately, the local gators enjoy our lakes too, so always be mindful if you are near any body of water in Florida as they can blend in. Yes, they usually won’t bother you if you keep your distance and don’t bother them, but it’s still best to stay aware, especially if you have young children around a lake. Also, keep young ones close, and if you’ll be spending any amount of time directly near a body of water, using a floatation safety device (as mentioned for pools above) is a good decision. If someone does happen to lose track of a child, having a backup plan like a floatation device can keep the fun day from ending in a tragedy. Finally, if you’ll be going out on a boat, be sure that everyone is equipped with an age-appropriate life jacket!
The third tip about water we want to discuss as we approach warm weather here in Florida is drinking it! Water consumption is a huge part of a healthy lifestyle and is especially important as the temps go up. Failure to stay hydrated even for short periods of time when outdoors in hot weather can lead to headaches, dizziness, shortness of breath, and other dehydration symptoms. Keep a bottle of water close at hand for each member of your family, and encourage kids to drink up if they’re spending time playing outdoors.
Of course, another part of keeping your family safe this spring is investing in health coverage that can be your safety net when unexpected things happen. Carroll Marshall Insurance works with top providers in the industry, and we can tailor a plan for you and the ones you love so you can rest assured that you’re covered, no matter what comes your way. Give us a call or stop by our downtown Winter Haven location and see how we can help you.

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