Have Your Mousse and Eat It Too: A Heart Healthy Recipe for Valentine’s Day

dessert-4034053_640We all see it. Red hearts, Hallmark cards, and boxes of candy are everywhere you turn and it’s easy to see that love is in the air. Valentine’s Day is a popular holiday for couples (and in today’s world, for friends too) and the festivities often include delicious dinners and sweet treats. However, while Valentine’s Day is a well-known part of February, another important aspect of this month is overlooked.

February is National Heart Health Month. Heart disease is an epidemic here in the United States, and unfortunately, is a major cause of death in women. While heart disease can have many factors (including genetics), it’s no secret that a routine exercise regimen and heart-healthy diet are key components of avoiding the dangerous outcomes associated with heart disease. Unfortunately, that means many of your favorite foods might be off the table, or at the very least, altered in some way. Lowering your salt and sodium intake, watching out for unhealthy fats, and avoiding excess sugars and “fun” foods are all pieces of the puzzle when you’re building a healthier diet, but does that mean all treats are taboo? Not necessarily! With a few modifications, you can actually make some of your favorite dishes a bit more heart healthy, and when enjoyed on occasion (like Valentine’s Day!) they’re perfectly acceptable.

A popular dessert choice for many on Valentine’s Day is a rich chocolate mousse. Not only is it chocolate, which follows tradition, but it’s also luxurious and a bit more romantic than a chocolate chip cookie from the local bakery. The downfall is, this dessert, when made in its classic form, is full of unhealthy fats and is most definitely not part of a heart-conscious diet. Thankfully, there’s a solution that lets you have your mousse and eat it to! Dorothy Kern, the creator of Crazy for Crust, has a recipe for Heart Healthy Chocolate Mousse (see the full blog post and recipe here) and with a few substitutions she creates a perfectly acceptable and delicious alternative for traditional chocolate mouse that will make your significant other smile, and won’t make your doctor cringe. Want in on a fun secret? The main ingredient is avocado!

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Happy Heart Health Month and Happy Valentine’s Day from Carroll Marshall Insurance!

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