St. Patrick’s Day: The Backstory

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St. Patrick’s Day, or The Feast of St. Patrick, is a well-known holiday, known for fun (and sometimes crazy) parties all over the United States. Shamrocks are abundant and you’ll be seeing in the color green just about everywhere you go on March 17th. However, many people celebrate the holiday without ever knowing WHY they […]

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Put Safety First This Halloween: Tips to Protect Your Winter Haven Home and Property

Halloween is just a week away, and kids all over Polk County are readying their costumes and their candy buckets (or bags) to go out on the town and bring in enough candy to last them for months…or at least through the weekend. We know that trick-or-treating is a fun pastime, and it can be […]

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HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) is a piece of legislation that has received a lot of attention in recent years. While we are all familiar with the document requiring our signature each time we visit a new medical practice, or each time our own doctors update their systems, do you really know what […]

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Caring for Your College Student: 3 Ways to Make Their Year Great

School is back in swing for students of all ages, and while the adjustment from lazy summer days to the structured schedule of school is hard no matter the grade, for those heading off into their first year of college, the change can be difficult to navigate. While each student has to learn the “ropes” […]

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Best Year Ever: Aiming for Optimal Health This School Year

School is back in session for students (and parents) all over Polk County, and the beginning of school usually marks the beginning of cold and flu season. Parents are eager to protect themselves and their families from the onslaught of germs that are sure to come their way in the coming months, and while a […]

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Hidden Risks: Is Your Home REALLY Kid-Friendly?

With kids home for the summer, many parents are becoming painfully aware of just how many things can go wrong with little ones. Curious minds and lack of discernment for danger can leave your child in a precarious situation if you haven’t taken time to think ahead and do some updated “kid-proofing.” Sure, we’ve all […]

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